Bread and Jam IV: Modern Mirror

23rd – 30th January 2016

Louise Ashcroft & Ernesto Molina
Richard Dinnis & Rudolf Schwarzkogler
Nick Gross & Luigi Ghirri
Justin Hibbs & Heinz Mack
Steve Lewis & Yayoi Kusama
Mali Morris & Ludith Lauand
Marcus Orlandi & Balint Szombathy
Catherine Payton & Julius Koller
Giulio Paolini & Andrew Poppy

For its 4th installment, Bread and Jam will bring together the past and present.  9 contemporary artists have been invited to invited to make or present work in response to international artists active in the 1950s, 60s, 70s.

From 70s Slovakian conceptual artist Julius Koller working under the Soviet regime to Zero artist Heinz Mack working in post war Germany, the exhibition focuses on artists, who by going against current practices, presented a new way of working and looking that challenged the art establishment. Whether faced with repressive political regimes or critical societal expectations and often with limited means, innovation is what unites them. Homes and apartments were key exhibition venues for a number of these artists and it seems fitting that these works should be displayed once again in this setting.

Bread and Jam offers artists a rare opportunity to experiment and play in an alternative space without constraints. By connecting art practices that span different continents and generations, Bread and Jam IV: Modern Mirror offers the chance to work and create with and around modern masters to extend their practice and challenge their process. This dialogue hopes to assert the importance of looking back to look forward.

Private view: Friday 22nd January, 6-9pm
Open Days: 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st January, 12-6pm
Open by appointment only week days

Contact: Emma Cousin 07841832501
Press enquiries: Emily Austin 07733321395

Address:  52 Whitbread Road London SE4 2BE
Transport: Brockley (Overground & southern), Crofton park (Thames Link)

Generously sponsored by Cooper’s Bakehouse

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