The inhabitants of 52 Whitbread Road, London are pleased to announce Bread and Jam, a unique series of exhibitions created and exhibited in a gutted and soon to be re furbished house in a typical Victorian terraced street in Brockley.

The concept of Bread and Jam is to take basic staple ingredients and make a meal that transports you somewhere else, that can be shared at any time of day and continues to sustain after consumption. The name was born on a childhood camping trip when a baguette for breakfast with Jam took my brother on a journey far beyond the caravan in a damp field. The baton transported us to Paris, to a bakery, to a foreign language presenting a gesture like a relay of culture and history and was something we could break together and make into something of our own. It continues to be a special treat!

Joby Williamson, Untitled
Joby Williamson, Untitled

In Bread and Jam at 52 Whitbread Road, artists are invited to bring their ingredients to a soon to be refurbished house to make something new and start a conversation in their work, between rooms/other artists, and with the viewer not only pushing what they can create and make in response to the house but to challenge and question what role a gallery has and where and how art should and could be experienced.

Presenting work in a domestic setting directly provokes the audience to consider the spaces we live in, where we choose to inhabit and call home and what we surround ourselves with and decorate our lives with.

Experiencing work in this curious domestic setting makes it relatable, immediate and disarmingly accessible.

Address: 52 whitbread Road. Brockley. SE4 2BE
Contact: Emma Cousin 07841832501
Generously sponsored by Cooper’s Bakehouse & Wild Brockley

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