Bread And Jam I
18th – 26th July 2015
Artists: Aglaé Bassens, Biscotti, Dexter Dymoke, Rebecca Glover, Alison Hand, Fritha Jenkins, David MacDiarmid, Kate Murdoch, Elizabeth Porter and Joby Williamson.

Bread And Jam II
25th September – 4th October 2015
Artists: Hermione Allsopp, Roshi Cowen, William Darrell, Nicola Durvasula, Justin Fitzpatrick, Jost Munster, Jason Oddy, Sarah Pager, Troika, Poppy Whatmore, WhatmorePager

Bread And Jam III: The Shapes We’re In
13th – 22th November 2015
Artists: Alicja Dobrucka, Oona Grimes, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Frances Richardson, Emma Cousin, Rana Begum, Selma Parlour, Natasha Kahn, Claire Macdonald, Miriam Austin, Jennet Thomas

Bread and Jam IV: Modern Mirror
23rd – 30th January 2016
Louise Ashcroft & Ernesto Molina, Richard Dinnis & Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Nick Gross & Luigi Ghirri, Justin Hibbs & Heinz Mack, Steve Lewis & Yayoi Kusama, Mali Morris & Ludith LauandMarcus Orlandi & Balint SzombathyCatherine Payton & Julius Koller
Giulio Paolini & Andrew Poppy.

Bread and Jam V: To be Converted
27th May – 5th June 2016
Michael Archer, Violeta Paez Armando, Minnie Casey, Kristin Fredricksson, Harriet Hill, Tom James, Paul O’Kane, Anna Liber-Lewis, Lucy May,  Matt Moser-Clark, Bada Song, Nils Alex Tabeling, Rob Welch and Tom Woolner.

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