Marcus Orlandi & Balint Szombathy

The work comes from an anti consumerist ideology, wanting to make something out of nothing. The sculptural interventions directly relate to the space and surrounding Brockley where a lot of these items where found. Tower is the large sculpture in the corner of the room, made as a monument to discarded items, once useful, now forgotten. Both colour and shape are prominent features of the piece composed instinctively in an almost painterly way.



The installation should be seen as collage or assemblage. There a series of works in the space that comment (in varying degrees) on the neoliberal confines of contemporary life. You Are Probably Being Exploited, is a proposal for a live performance work to be, at some stage, performed in central London. Un-brella is a simple subversion of a traditional item, one I see as being associated with the upper classes of business men or golf club membership. In this instance, a found umbrella discarded on the street has had its corporate logo hidden and colours emphasised to evoke the lines of a soviet flag.

The works are part of an ongoing series and reflections on the work Bauhaus by Bálint Szombathy. I was very interested in his take on art reflecting life and the merging of the two by using his own domestic setting as a site for impoverished performance. The piece Tower is directly inspired by this piece and is also an extension of a project made last year called Second Home.


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