Justin Fitzpatrick

“I like the idea of a completely uncensored way of producing, where any and every idea, thought or image that arises from inside is ‘pissed’ out in a steady stream. To ‘piss’ out art is also an attempt to break down my canonised and internalised ideas of a ‘good’ subject for figurative art. Every idea comes out, not just the ones that I place value on. This is an attempt to enact a kind of ‘base materialism’, a de-stratified mode of production, which allows for contrasting modes of address to sit together and to be regarded equally: fluency and ham-fistedness, idiocy and intellectualism, clarity and opacity, sincerity and irony.

Because of the excessive mode of production, the studio becomes filled, cluttered with sketches, paintings, photos and sculptures. I have to live with, to be responsible for all the things that came out of me. I start to question them, and in this questioning and wanting to understand, a looping structure is initiated. There is a kind of Jungian movement of self-individuation, re-ingesting the excreted material, like an Ouroboros eating it’s own tail. The studio becomes a kind of soup of ego, where works bleed into each other, new combinations emerge and a heuristic ordering and re- arrangement of material happens.”

Justin Fitzpatrick graduated from St Oswalds School of Painting, London in 2007 before gaining his masters from the Royal College of Arts in 2015. his recent and upcoming exhibitions include Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA, London (2015); SEXT, Hockney Gallery, RCA (2014); RCA Secret (2014); Take Me Home, London (2014); Long Nights, William Angel Gallery, London (2008) & Imperial Works, The Jago Gallery, London (2008).

Residencies and awards include Troytown Art Ceramic Residency, London (2015); RCA Hockney Space Proposal winner, London (2014); RCA Secret Bursary, London (2014).

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