Fritha Jenkins

Fritha Jenkins works across performance, sculpture and video. She plays with the music duo Buckner Building and the art band Ochlocracy Orchestra. Recent work has included performances at Guest Projects, Cabaret Melancholique and a year long residency along the Thames foreshore resulting in several sculptural performances in Docklands. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College and is a member of the peer led alternative Masters course Alt MFA. Fritha currently lives in London and has a studio at The Interview Room project space in Deptford.

“In February 2012 I invited artist Louise Ashcroft to join me on an expedition to capture a waterfall. We travelled to Glendalough, Ireland. Having drunk from a waterfall we drenched ourselves in it and then bagged up our clothes and set off back to Euston. Here we put the clothes back on and wrung each other out. In Jan 2013 the film was projected upstairs in an exhibition space whilst 2 bottles of waterfall were evaporated in a pan set on a lit camping stove in the space below. Like much of my work, this piece was omnidirectional in its movements; of materials – literally and through state changes, of the anatomy of the landscape – through and with my body,(drinking, soaking, carrying) and in its mutations across multiple sites (as live action, video, sculpture, installation)

Process is always integral to my work, whether that is the flow of natural processes such as the course of a river or economic processes, such as waste and trade. In 2014 I did a residency on the Thames foreshore, which led to a series of sculptural performances around Docklands. I sought ways of allowing the river and its matter to move and articulate in different ways. For example: by juggling pouches of Thames water (a group action involving the audience); by making foreshore slippers (walking them around Bermondsey before returning them to the foreshore); and by making large ice forms (revealing the architecture of Canary Wharf in reflections as they melted).”

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