Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter grew up small village in Oxfordshire and on leaving school moved to London where she learnt how earn a living painting murals using traditional techniques such as gilding and trompe l’oeil. It seems almost accidentally that she attended the Ruskin School of Art and Royal College of Art.

Examining relationships of disparate materials: charcoal and agate, gold and ash, tissue paper and water, metal and wool; Finding ways of exploring the space where humans meet and engage, or fail to engage, with each other; both the good and the bad, the violent and the gentle. Looking at the fragility and precariousness of all relationships, however profound, superficial, entangled or tenuous they may be.

She lives in West London with artist Alex Stewart.

“If I could find some other way to respond I would, war, terrorism, random acts of destruction, government retaliation, child soldiers, domestic violence. physical abuse, torture, cruelty, intolerance, fundamentalism in all its forms; including my own. Fear, anger, incomprehension, deep sadness, despair. I wish such strength of feeling could bring clarity, understanding, solution, resolution or transformation (positive transformation). But they do not.

So I sew, I listen to the news & sew ( I have not watched the news since the twin towers fell) I sew in the park, in cafes, with friends while I’m listening, or talking; while I’m waiting: in the doctor’s surgery, in airports,  in lectures and concerts; travelling on the  bus or the tube, when I can’t sleep. whn I want to not think, when everything else is done.

Out of felt & thread, using blanket stitch, a skill I learnt from my mother when I was five years old, I’m making guns, soft, ineffective &  as useless as I feel.

I still hope for another way, as yet it has eluded me.

If you think of one, please let me know.”

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