Dexter Dymoke

Dexter Dymoke graduated with an MA in Sculpture from the RCA in 2011. He has taken part in various group and solo exhibitions, including “A Rain of Stars” , Nettie Horn, London (2012)(solo show), “Drawing into Sculpture”, Griffin Gallery, London (2014), “ING Discerning Eye”. The Mall Galleries, London (2014) and the Creekside Open, APT, Deptford, London (2007, 2009, 2011 & 2013). He is also founder and director of the artist led space CONVOY PROJECTS based in Deptford, London.

“A current preoccupation is to develop an approach to a reconciliation of image and form in sculpture. Whilst a “narrative” paradoxically deploys linear constraints of storytelling within a limitless (If necessary) complexity of means, the complexity of “image” is bound up in the moment of presentation, the status and drama of the reveal. Imagery is undeniable in sculpture at a retinal level. The question remains how to divest the sculptural object of its propositional stance in favour of the dynamics of “revealing” – this requires “opening up a logic”. I suspect that what can make potent sense in a sculpture does so in ways not reducible “to any fixed signification or order of the signified” (Jean-Luc Nancy), but rather by way of heeding the unfamiliar. Sculpture is well placed to play its part in the phenomenon of disclosure.

Working in a classic sculptural idiom I engage with a discrete but rigorous conceptual enquiry into the symbolic and metaphoric role of various materials, examining interrelational aspects with unexpected results. Form, texture, image are all deployed without prejudice in a restless exploration.”

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